HILL, John Walter

Baroque music. Music in Western Europe, 1580-1750. A Norton introduction to Music History.


Chapter I: Introduction: Monarchy, Religion, and the Rhetoric of the Arts

·          Introduction

·          Monarchy and Nobility

·          Religion

·          The Rhetoric of the Arts

Chapter II: The Birth of Opera, Monody, and the Concerted Madrigal

·          Court Culture, Politics, and Spectacle in Florence

·          The First Operas

·          Le nuove musiche

·          Monody and the Serious Canzonetta in Naples, Rome, and Elsewhere

·          Seconda pratica and the Concerted Madrigal

·          Court Opera in Mantua, Florence, and Rome

Chapter III: New Genres of Instrumental Music in Italy

·          Frescobaldi, Lutenists, and Style Change in Harpsichord Music

·          Chordal Composition

·          Modal Composition

·          Church Organ Music in Early Seventeenth-Century Italy

·          The Violin and Italian Instrumental Ensemble Music

Chapter IV: Church Music in Italy, 1600–1650

·          Churches and Other Religious Institutions

·          Persistence of Traditions

·          The Small-Scale Sacred Concerto

·          Sacred Dialogues and Oratorios

·          Large-Scale Concerted Church Music

Chapter V: Stage, Instrumental, and Church Music in France to 1650

·          The Balet comique de la Royne

·          Types of Dance in Court Ballets, Other Spectacles, and Social Contexts in France

·          The air de cour

·          Lute Music

·          Harpsichord Music

·          Instrumental Ensemble Music

·          Organs and Organ Music

·          Vocal Music for Church

Chapter VI: Music in the Empire through the Thirty-Years War

·          The Italian Influx to the Empire and East

·          The Earliest Lutheran Composers to Assimilate New Italian Styles after 1600

·          Heinrich Schütz

·          Calvinist Music

·          Lutheran Organ Music

·          Froberger

·          Ensemble Music in the Empire

·          Stadpfeidern

·          The German Continuo Song

Chapter VII: Music in England under the First Stuart Kings and Commonwealth

·          Instrumental Ensemble Music in England

·          Lute and Harpsichord Music

·          Church Music under the Stuart Kings

·          Madrigals, Ayres, and Songs

·          The Masque at the Courts of the First Stuart Kings

·          Music, the English Civil War, and Commonwealth

Chapter VIII: The Diffusion of New Vocal Genres for Theater, Chamber, and Church in Italy, 1635-1680

·          The Spread of Opera from Rome

·          Venetian Theaters

·          Incogniti Operas

·          Venetian Opera Conventions

·          Venetian Arias

·          Florence, Naples, Genoa

·          The Spread of the Chamber Cantata

·          The Oratorio in Rome at Mid-Century

·          The Spread of the Oratorio throughout Italy

·          Changes in Liturgical Music in Italy

Chapter IX: Music at the Court of Louis XIV to the Death of Lully

·          Political, Economic, and Cultural Centralization in France

·          Musique de la Grande Écurie

·          Musique de la Chambre

·          The Chapelle Royale

·          Italian Opera at the French Royal Court

·          Spectacle as Propaganda at the Court of Louis XIV

·          The System of Royal Academies

·          The Beginnings of French Opera

·          Ballets de cour and Comèdies-Ballets

·          Tragédie en Musique

·          Lully’s Alceste

·          Lully’s Harmony

·          Music in the City of Paris in the Age of Louis XIV

Chapter X: Music in Spain, Portugal, and their Colonies

·          The Spanish Empire and Its Church

·          Latin Liturgical Music

·          The Villancico and Other Vernacular Church Music

·          Autos Sacramentales

·          Vocal Chamber Music

·          Stage Music

·          The Zarzuela

·          Keyboard Music

·          Harp and Guitar

Chapter XI: Music in the Empire during the Later Seventeenth Century

·          The New Lutheran Piety and the Religious Aria

·          Sacred Concertos for Solo Voice

·          Sacred Concertos for Several Voices

·          Chorale Concertos

·          Religious Vocal Music at the Catholic German Courts

·          Keyboard Music

·          Instrumental Ensemble Music

·          Seventeenth-Century Opera in the German Lands

·          German Music Theory

·          Summary

Chapter XII: Sonata and Concerto in Late Seventeenth-Century Italy

·          The Italian Trio and Solo Sonata in the Second Half of the Seventeenth Century

·          Arcangelo Corelli

·          The Normalized Harmonic Style

·          The Solo Sonata after Corelli

·          The Rise of the Concerto Grosso

·          The Bolognese Trumpet Sonata

·          The Solo Violin Concerto

Chapter XIII: England from the Restoration through the Augustan Age

·          Charles II and the Musical Institutions of His Court

·          Anthems and Services

·          Odes and Welcome Songs

·          Songs and Domestic Vocal Ensembles

·          Viols and Violins

·          Solo Keyboard Music

·          Plays with Music

·          Dramatick Operas

·          All-Sung Operas

Chapter XIV: Italian Vocal Music, ca. 1680–1730

·          The Neoclassical Reform of Italian Opera, ca. 1680–1706

·          "A Perfect Spritual Melodramma": The Italian Oratorio, ca. 1680–1730

·          The Chamber Cantata

·          Latin Church Music

·          Opera seria, part 1

·          "The Doctrine of the Affections"

·          Opera seria, part 2

Chapter XV. French Music from the War of the Grand Alliance to the End of the Regency

·          France Declines in the Theater of Europe

·          Italian Music: Rapprochement and Resistance

·          The cantate françoise

·          Vocal Church Music

·          Organ Music

·          Pièces de clavecin

·          Sonatas and sonades

·          Orchestral Music

·          The Harmonic Theories of Jean-Philippe Rameau

Chapter XVI: German Traditions and Innovations, ca. 1690–1750

·          The New Lutheran Cantata

·          Bach’s Cantatas

·          Protestant Oratorios and Passions

·          Handel’s Oratorios

·          Bach’s Passions and Oratorios

·          Bach’s Keyboard Works

·          Instrumental Ensemble Music

·          The End of an Era—The Legacy of the Baroque

Appendix: Rhetorical Figures that Are Frequently Mirrored in Music.

525 pp. New York, 2005.