TÜRK, Daniel Gottlob (1750-1813)

Sixty pieces for aspiring players. Book I.

Edición a cargo de Howard Ferguson. Editado por ABRSM en la serie Easier Piano Pieces. No.70

TURK, Daniel Gottlob (1750-1813)


‘Youthful Joy’, No. 25 from 60 pieces for Aspiring Players, Book I
A cheerful spirit: No. 27
A firm, manly character: No. 39
A kind man: No. 13
A light song: No. 44
A nice man: No. 7
A soft-hearted man: No. 12
As it really should be: No. 18
As it really shouldn’t be: No. 36
Ballet: No. 19
Carefree happiness: No. 32
Carefree Johnny: No. 4
Childhood years: No. 16
Children’s ballad: No. 10
Clap your hands and whirl around: No. 51
Contentment: No. 23
Cradle Song: No. 5
Crossing hands: No. 46 from 60 Pieces for Aspiring Players, Book 1
Do not weep, we’ll meet again: No. 59
Folk-tune: No. 20
For practising thirds and sixths: No. 31
For the fingers: No. 60
For the ladies: No. 52
Four clubs? - Pass!: No. 30
German song: No. 26
Grief and comfort: No. 55
He who happy is, is king: No. 58
Horns and their echo: No. 24
I am so dull and ill: No. 9
I shall be happy, so happy today: No. 49
In mourning: No. 33
In the present style: No. 54
Infantry March: No. 34
Innocence: No. 17
It’s always hard to begin: No. 1
Keenness: No. 11
Lazybones: No. 2
Like a solemn and dignified chorale: No. 43
Like No. 18: No. 21
Military parade-march: No. 41
Miniature rondo: No. 22
Musette: No. 37
Only for sensitive players: No. 57
Sad feelings: No. 14
Scales: No. 6
Serious feelings: No. 40
Sleep, my baby, sleep: No. 15
Solemn and moving: No. 53
Song of a knight in the darkening wood: No. 28
Spinning song: No. 35
Strumming is part of our job: No. 29
Syncopations and passage-work for both hands: No. 47
Tender lovers: No. 50
The leaping dancer: No. 42
The lively boy: No. 3
They dance in a ring: No. 56
Trumpets: No. 48
We dance till the floor shakes: No. 45
Who would bother with idle fancies?: No. 8
Youthfully alert: No. 38