KITE-POWELL, Jeffery / CARTER, Stewart

A performer´s guide to Seventeenth Century music. Second edition.

Bloomington 2012. 560pp. 20 ilustraciones b/n, 58 ejemplos musicales. Encuadernación tela con sobrecubierta. Idioma: inglés.

List of Illustrations
Octave Designation Chart
Preface to the Second Edition \ Jeffery Kite-Powell
Preface to the First Edition \ Stewart Carter

Part 1. Vocal/Choral Issues
1. National Singing Styles \ Sally Sanford
2. The Bel Canto Singing Style \ Julianne Baird
3. Choral Music in France and England \ Anne Harrington Heider
4. Choral Music in Italy and the Germanic Lands \ Gary Towne
Part 2. Wind, String, and Percussion Instruments
5. Woodwinds \ Herbert Myers
6. Cornett and Sackbut \ Bruce Dickey
7. Trombone \ Stewart Carter
8. Trumpet and Horn \ Steven E. Plank
9. Percussion and Timpani \ John Michael Cooper
10. The Violin: Technique and Style \ David Douglass
11. Historical Approaches to Playing the Violin \ Julie Andrijeski
12. The Viola da Gamba Family \ Stuart Cheney with Barbara Coeyman
13. Violoncello and Violone \ Marc Vanscheeuwijck
14. Keyboard Instruments \ Mark Kroll
15. Plucked String Instruments \ Paul O'Dette
Part 3. Performance Practice and Practical Considerations
16. Ornamentation in Early Seventeenth-Century Italian Music \ Bruce Dickey
17. Basso Continuo \ Jack Ashworth and Paul O'Dette
18. Meter and Tempo \ George Houle
19. Tuning and Temperament \ Herbert Myers
20. Pitch and Transposition \ Herbert Myers
Part 4. The Seventeenth-Century Stage
21. Dance \ Dorothy Olsson
22. Theatrical Productions \ James Middleton

Appendix A. List of Names and Dates
Appendix B. A Performer's Guide to Medieval Music: Contents
Appendix C. A Performer's Guide to Renaissance Music: Contents
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