A performer´s guide to Renaissance music. Second edition.

Bloomington 2007. 504pp. 46 ilustraciones b/n, 111 ejemplos musicales. Encuadernación tela con sobrecubierta. Idioma: inglés.

Preface to Second Edition
Preface to First Edition
Note on Transliteration
I. Vocal/Choral Issues
1. The Solo Voice Ellen Hargis
2. On Singing and the Vocal Ensemble I Alexander Blachly
3. On Singing and the Vocal Ensemble II Alejandro Planchart
4. Practical Matters of Vocal Performance Anthony Rooley
II. Wind, String, & Percussion Instruments
5. Recorder Herbert Myers
6. Flute Herbert Myers
7. Capped Double Reeds Jeffery Kite-Powell
8. Shawm / Curtal Ross Duffin
9. Racket Jeffery Kite-Powell
10. Bagpipe Adam Knight Gilbert
11. Cornett Douglas Kirk
12. Sackbut Stewart Carter
13. Bowed Strings Wendy Gillespie
14. Violin David Douglass
15. Plucked instruments Paul O'Dette
16. Harp Herbert Myers
17. Percussion Ben Harms
18. Keyboard Instruments Jack Ashworth
III. Practical Considerations/Instrumentation
19. Jack Ashworth and Paul O'Dette Proto-continuo
20. Mixed ensembles James Tyler
21. Large ensembles Jeffery Kite-Powell
22. Rehearsal Tips for Instrumental Ensembles Adam Knight Gilbert
23. Performance editions Frederick Gable
IV. Performance Practice
24. Tuning & Temperament Ross Duffin
25. Pitch & Transposition Herbert Myers
26. Ornamentation and Improvisation Bruce Dickey
27. Pronunciation guides Ross Duffin
V. Aspects of Theory
28. Eight Brief Rules for Composing a Si Placet part Adam Knight Gilbert
29. Sarah Mead Renaissance Theory
VI. Introduction to Renaissance Dance
30. Early Renaissance Dance, 1450-1520 Yvonne Kendall
VII. For the Early Music Director
31. Starting from scratch Jeffery Kite-Powell