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Sordina violín Wmutes modelo concierto. Disponible en tres acabados: plateado, onyx, dorado

Sordina fabricada en bronce con acabado metálico en oro (24K), rutenio o plata.
The concert mute by Wmutes is specially designed to produce a high quality muted sound for your instrument.
The amount of muted sound is similar to a standard mute, but its design and materials produce a much richer, stable and focused sound.
Made of an especially refined bronze, Wmutes are plated with gold (1mc 24k), ruthenium or silver with the same sound quality.
A thin layer of velvet allows a smooth fitting on the bridge, not staining it at all. The hold on process is absolutely silent and save.
Easy attachment also on the string while not using it, not falling apart, neither generating any vibration or sound changing of your instrument.