Figured Bass for Beginners. A self-paced primer in playing a figured Bass. Boston, 1981.


Chapter One

two voices: note against  note

Chapter Two

two voices: varied rhythms

Chapter Three

three voices

Chapter Five

section one: frequent progressions in root position section two: six-three chords with passing tones

section three: consecutive thirds

section four: consecutive six-three chords

section five: seventh chords and their inversions

section six: first inversion seventh chords (six-five)

section seven: second inversion seventh chords (four-three)

section eight: trurd inversion seventh chords (four-two)

section nine: baroque sequence

section ten: nine~eight, seven-six & four-three suspensions

section eleven: bass suspensions five-two & four-two

section twelve: idiomatic progressions

Chapter Six

realization from a figured bas

root position triads

chords of the sixth (first inversion)

six-four chords

seventh chords


baroque sequence

Chapter Seven

     the unfigured bass


     works recommended for further study

68pp en -4. Encuadernación rústica.