WOLFF, CHristoph

Johann Sebastian Bach. The learned musician.
Wolff nos muestra la íntima relación de la vida del compositor con su obra. vii + 599pp. New York, 2000. Encuadernación en rústica.

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Prologue: Bach and the Notion of "Musical Science"

1. Springs of Musical Talent and Lifelong Influences
Eisenach, 1685-1695
Ambrosius Bach and His Family
In the Ambience of Home, Town, Court, School, and Church

2. Laying the Foundations
Ohrdruf, 1695-1700
In the Care of His Older Brother
Sebastian's Musical Beginnings

3. Bypassing a Musical Apprenticeship
From Luneburg to Weimar, 1700-1703
Choral Scholar at St. Michael's in Luneburg
Bohm, Reinken, and the Celle Court Capelle
The Interim: Thuringian Opportunities
Early Musical Achievements

4. Building a Reputation
Organist in Arnstadt and Muhlhausen, 1703-1708
At the New Church in Arnstadt
"First Fruits'' and the Buxtehude Experience
At the Blasius Church in Muhlhausen

5. Exploring "Every Possible Artistry"
Court Organist and Cammer Musicus in Weimar, 1708-1714
The First Six Years at the Ducal Court
Clavier Virtuoso and Organ Expert

6. Expanding Musical Horizons
Concertmaster in Weimar, 1714-1717
A Career Choice
Mostly Music for "The Heaven's Castle"
"Musical Thinking'': The Making of a Composer
High and Low Points

7. Pursuing "the Musical Contest for Superiority"
Capellmeister in Cothen, 1717-1723
Princely Patronage
Travels and Trials
A Canon of Principles, and Pushing the Limits

8. Redefining a Venerable Office
Cantor and Music Director in Leipzig: The 1720s
A Capellmeister at St. Thomas's
Mostly Cantatas
"The Great Passion'' and Its Context

9. Musician and Scholar
Counterpoint of Practice and Theory
Performer, Composer, Teacher, Scholar
Music Director at the University
Professorial Colleagues and University Students
Materials and Metaphysics

10. Traversing Conventional Boundaries
Special Engagements: The 1730s
At a Crossroads
Director of the Collegium Musicum and Royal Court Composer
The Clavier-Ubung Project
At the Composer's Desk

11. A Singing Bird and Carnations for the Lady of the House
Domestic and Professional Life
Family and Home
Balancing Official Duties and Private Business

Contemplating Past, Present, and Future
The Final Decade: The 1740s
Retreat but No Rest
The Art of Fugue, the B-Minor Mass, and a Place in History
The End
Estate and Musical Legacy

Epilogue: Bach and the Idea of "Musical Perfection"

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2. Places of Bach's Activities
3. Money and Living Costs in Bach's Time
4. The Lutheran Church Calendar
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