The Cambridge companion to the Organ.
Cambridge, 1998, 2000. xiv + 340pp. Idioma: inglés.
Contents: Thistlethwaite: origins and development of the organ; Bicknell: organ construction; Mainstone: the physics of the organ; Kent: temperament and pitch; Bicknell: the organ case; Bicknell: organ building today; Marshall: the fundamentals of organ playing; Marshall: a survey of historical performance practices; Higginbottom: organ music and the liturgy; Stembridge: Italian organ music to Frescobaldi; Dalton: Iberian organ music before 1700; Higginbottom: the French classical organ school; Cox: English organ music to c.1700; Rusill: catholic Germany and Austria 1648-c.1800; Webber: the north German organ school; Yearley: the organ music of J. S. Bach; Barber: German organ music after 1800; Brooks: French and Belgian organ music before 1800; McCrea: British organ music after 1800; Reed: North American organ music after 1800.