RAVENSCROFT, Thomas (Compiler)

Deuteromelia: or the Second Part of Musicks Melodie, or Melodius Musicke, of Pleasant Roundelaies, K.H. mirth, or Freemens Songs, and Such Delightfull Catches. [Library of Congress, Washington, DC].
Freemens Songs to 3. Voices.
1. As it fell on a holy day.
2. The flye she sat.
3. We be Souldiers three. [modern edition]
4. By Lands-dale hey ho.
5. By Lands-dale, another way.
6. We be three poor Mariners.
7. Of all the birds. [modern edition]
Rounds or Catches to 3. Voices.
8. Lord heare the poore.
9. Browning Madam. [modern edition]
10. Hold thy peace.
11. Glad am I.
12. Margery serue well.
13. Three blinde mice. [modern edition]
14. The great bels of Oesney. [modern edition]
15. Mault's come downe. [modern edition]
Freemens songs to 4. Voices.
16. Martin said to his man. [modern edition]
17. Giue vs once a drink. [modern edition]
18. Who liueth so merry. [modern edition]
19. By a bancke as I lay.
20. Tomorrow the Fox. [modern edition]
21. Willy I prethee go to bed. [modern edition]
22. Yonder comes a. [modern edition]
Rounds or Catches to 4. Voices.
23. Vt Re Mi Fa Sol La.
24. O my Loue. [modern edition]
25. Go to Ione Glouer. [modern edition]
26. The maide she went.
27. I C V B A K.
28. Sing with thy mouth. [modern edition]
29. By hils and dales.
30. The Pigion.
31. Hey downe a downe.