The Schott recorder consort anthology. Vol. 6. English Music.
3-6 flautas. Edición y arreglos a cargo de Bernard Thomas. Partitura.

The Schott recorder consort nathology. Vol. 6. English Music.

  - Anmerkungen
  - Kind Henry VIII: Helas! Madame (SATB
  - Instrumental Piece (SAT)
  - I am a Jolly Foster (ATT)
  - Green Grow'th the Holly (AAT)
  - T. Tallis: Veni Redemptor (SATB)
  - J. Redford: Christe qui lux (STB)
  - R. Edwards: In Going to My Naked Bed (SATB)
  - C. Tye: Laudes Deo (SATTB
  - W. Byrd: Fantasie (ATB)
  - O. Gibbons: Fantasie (SATB)
  - T. Lupo: Pavan (ATB)
  - T. Weelkes: Strike it up Tabor (SST)
  - W. Holborne: Sit Still and Sturre Not (AAT)
  - A. Holborne: Pavan "The Funerals" (AATTB)
  - T. Morley: See, Mine Own Sweet Jewel (AAT)
  - J. Dowland: Pavan (SATTB)
  - T. Simpson: Galliard (SATTB)
  - W. White: Pavan (SSATTB)
  - J. Adson: Masquing Ayre (SSATB)
  - Anonymous: Almain (Cupararee) (SAATTB)
  - W. Brade: Galliard (SSATTB)
  - S. Ives: The Fancy (Masque Dance) (SSAB)
  - S. Ives: Pavan (SSAB)