Flute Music of the 18th Century.. An annotated Bibliography.
Monteux, 1985. 573 pp. Idioma: inglés.

HOW TO USE THIS BOOK                                                                                            
  Introduction to Part I                                                                                                         
  Introduction to Part II                                                                                                       

  a. Reference Listings                                                                                                          
  b. Libraries                                                                                                                        
  c. Instruments                                                                                                                    
  d. Publishers                                                                                                                      
  e. Other abbreviations                                                                                                       

PART I             Index of works                                                                                            
                        (composers in alphabetical order)
PART II           Index of instrumental combinations                                                               
                        (works grouped systematically according to instrumentation)

Group   I          one instrument                                                                                             
            II          two instruments                                                                                           
            III         three instruments                                                                                         
            IV         four instruments                                                                                           
            V          five instruments                                                                                           
            VI         six instruments                                                                                            
            VII        seven instruments                                                                                        
            VIII       eight instruments                                                                                        
             IX         nine instruments                                                                                         
             X          ten instruments                                                                                          
             XI         more than ten instruments                                                                           
             XII       a. one instrument with string accompaniment                                               
                          b. one instrument with orchestral accompaniment                                       
             XIII      a. two instruments with string accompaniment                                             
                           b. two instruments with orchestral accompaniment                                         
            XIV       a. three instruments with string accompaniment                                           
                          b. three instruments with orchestral accompaniment                                    
            XV        a. four instruments with string accompaniment                                             
                          b. four instruments with orchestral accompaniment                                      
            XVI       a. five instruments with string accompaniment                                              
                          b. five instruments with orchestral accompaniment                                       
            XVII      a. six instruments with string accompaniment                                               
                          b. six instruments with orchestral accompaniment                                        
             XVIII    a. seven instruments with string accompaniment                                          
                          b. seven instruments with orchestral accompaniment