GREEN, Robert, A.

The Hurdy-Gurdy in Eighteenth-Century France.

Robert A. Green discusses the techniques of playing the hurdy-gurdy and the interpretation of its music, based on existing method books and on his own experience as a performer. He provides a complete list of the extant music composed for the hurdy-gurdy in eighteenth-century France.

USA, 1995. vii + 114pp. Idioma: inglés. Encuadernación rústica.


CHAPTER 1 Historical Background 1
CHAPTER  2 The Music 27
General Stylistic Features of French Music 27
Stylistic Features of the Music for Vielle 29
Joseph Bodin de Boismortier 34
Michel Corrette 36
Jacques-Christophe Naudot 38
Charles Baton 39
Michon 40
Jean-Baptiste Dupuits 41
Jean-Francois Bouin 44
Ravet 47
Buterne and Prudent 47
The Methods 49
Music in the Style of the Vielle for Other Instruments 53
CHAPTER  3 Musical Interpretation and Performance 55
Some Preliminary Considerations 55
Basic Features of the Vielle 55
Tuning 60
Dynamics 62
The Coup de poignet 64
Continuo Instruments 65
Rhythmic Inequality 66
Ornamentation 69
Special Techniques 70
CHAPTER  4 The Repertory 72
I Publications 73
II Methods 93
III Music for the Vielle in Stage Works 94
IV Manuscripts 95