BACH, Johann Sebastian

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Musicalisches Opfer. BWV 1079

Edición en partitura a partir de la primera edición de Bach de 1747.

Edición, transcripción y estudio a cargo de Hans-Eberhard Dentler. Introducción a cargo de Alberto Basso.

Encuadernado en tela.

FACSÍMIL + edición moderna.

The story of how the composition of this work came to pass is well-known and frequently documented: Bach's encounter with Frederick the Great and the story of the 'royal theme' which the King of Prussia 'deigned to play' on a pianoforte and which Bach 'was to execute in a fugue'.
The sequence of the individual movements of the composition, however, has been uncertain up to now. After an extensive theoretical examination of this problem in his book 'Johann Sebastian Bachs Musicalisches Opfer', the editor now presents his results in the form of a clothbound volume.

Idiomas del estudio: inglés/alemán/francés.