BACH, C. P. E. Werke für Violine und obligates Cembalo. Band 2

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Werke für Violine und Cembalo. Band 2. Sonaten Wq 75-78, Arioso Wq 79, Fantasie Wq 80.

Edición a cargo de Jochen Reutter. Notas de interpretación a cargo de Dagmar Glüxam (texto en alemán, inglés y francés).
Volume 2 contains the four major sonatas of 1763 which already fascinated Johannes Brahms. Brahms not only played them in concert, together with Joseph Hellmesberger, but also published two of these sonatas in 1864. This volume concludes with the two late works 'Arioso' and 'Fantasie' of 1781 and 1787 respectively. With these works, C. P. E. Bach bridged the gap between the late Baroque sonatas of his father and the early classical 'Klaviersonate mit begleitender Violine' (Piano Sonata with Accompanying Violin).


   - Preface

  - Notes on interpreation

  - Ornaments and Cadenzas

  - Facsimlia

  - Sonate in F Wq 75

  - Sonate in h Wq 76

  - Sonate in B Wq 77

  - Sonate in c Wq 78

  - Arioso in A Wq 79

  - C.P.E. Bachs Empfindungen-Fantasie in fis Wq 80

  - Critical Notes