POLLENS, Stewart. The Manual of Musical Instrument conservation

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The Manual of musical instrument conservation.

This is the first book to combine museum-based conservation techniques with practical instructions on the maintenance, repair, adjustment, and tuning of virtually every type of historical musical instrument. As one of the world's leading conservators of musical instruments, Stewart Pollens gives practical advice on the handling, storage, display and use of historic musical instruments in museums and other settings, and provides technical information on such wide-ranging subjects as acoustics, cleaning, climate control, corrosion, disinfestation, conservation ethics, historic stringing practice, measurement and historic metrology, retouching, tuning historic temperaments, varnish and writing reports. There are informative essays on the conservation of each of the major musical instrument groups, the treatment of paper, textiles, wood and metal, as well as historic techniques of wood and metalworking as they apply to musical instrument making and repair. This is a practical guide that includes equations, formulas, tables and step-by-step instructions.

• Arranged alphabetically for quick retrieval of information • Presents treatments, materials, and formulas recommended by leading conservators working in major museums • Describes the procedures used in restoring and maintaining woodwind, brass, stringed instruments, keyboard, percussion, and ethnographic instruments • Provides practical advice on handling, storage, and use of musical instruments.

Cambridge University Press 2015. Encuadernación: tapa dura con sobrecubierta. Idioma: inglés.

Stewart Pollens. The Manual of Musical Instrument conservation

List of figures viii
Introduction 1
Entries A–Z:
Acoustics 4
Analysis of materials 16
Authentication 19
Benzotriazole 21
Bleach 21
Bluing 22
Boxwood 23
Brass and bronze alloys 23
Brass and nickel silver cleaning 24
Brass instruments 28
Bronze disease 37
Calendar (historic) 38
Cents conversion 38
Clavichord maintenance 39
Cleaning: soaps and detergents 43
Compo, or pastiglia 44
Conservation reports 45
Dendrochronology and the dating of wood 46
Detergents and soaps 49
Dictionary of common and obsolete chemical terms 49
Disinfection, disinfestation, and fumigation 58
Drill bit sizes (fractional inch, number and letter, and metric) 60
Ebony and ebonizing 70
Electroplating and electrocleaning 70
Epoxy removal 72
Equal temperament frequency table 72
Ethics 104
Flute 108
Fortepiano maintenance 108
French polishing 114
Frets, tied-gut and fixed (for guitars, lutes, and viols) 116
Gilding 117
Glues, pastes, and other adhesives 121
Gold and gold-plated brass and bronze 126
Grain painting and marbling 126
Grit size comparison chart 128
Guitar 130
Gut strings 133
Handling, storage, and transporting of musical instruments: general guidelines 135
Harp 142
Harpsichord maintenance 150
Helmholtz resonator 153
Historical metrology 153
Humidity control 177
Hurdy gurdy stringing 178
Illumination levels 178
Inscriptions, faded 180
Intervals 181
Iron and steel 182
Ivory 184
Japanning 185
Keyboard instruments 185
Labels 186
Lacquer 187
Lake pigments 189
Lead and lead alloys 189
Leather 190
Lubricants 193
Lute stringing 193
Measurement 197
Measurement system conversion 202
Mersenne´s Law 203
Metallurgy 203
Metalworking 208
Metronome 217
Mold making 217
Mother-of-pearl and abalone 220
Nickel silver 221
Oddy test 221
Organ restoration 221
Overspun strings 238
Paper, pencil, and ink 241
Parchment, vellum, and slunk 243
Patination 245
Pegs 246
Piano action regulation and voicing (modern grand) 247
Pitch 251
Proportion 252
Recording 256
Relative humidity 257
Retouching 258
Rosin 264
Safety equipment 266
Scaling 268
Sealing wax 271
Sharpening tools 271
Silver cleaning 275
Soldering 277
Solvents and solvent cleaning 280
Specific gravity 285
Stain removal 285
Staining wood 285
Stradivari’s varnish 286
Stringed-keyboard restoration 287
Tap drill sizes 302
Tapered reamers 305
Temperature 308
Tempering steel 308
Textile cleaning 310
Tinning 314
Tortoiseshell, horn, and whalebone 314
Tuning and temperament 315
Vapor phase inhibitor 327
Varnish 327
Viola da gamba gut strings 335
Violin adjustment 337
Violin: Baroque fittings and strings 340
Violin: transitional setup 352
Violin sizes 354
Violin/viola strings, modern 355
Vulcanite and ebonite 355
Water 356
Wax cleaning emulsions for finished wood 356
Wheat paste 357
Wire gauges for early keyboard instruments 357
Wood 387
Woodwind instruments 396
Woodworking 406
Select bibliography 421
Index 436