JOHN DOWLAND. The second book of songs


The second book of songs. 1600.
Incluye la tablatura para el laúd y una transcripción literal para tecla. Edición a cargo de Edmund H. Fellowes. Revisado por T. Dart.
Dowland, John: The Second Book of Songs (1600)


Clear or cloudy (D - E)
Come ye heavy states of night (F sharp - F)
Die not before the day (E - D)
Dowland's adieu for Master Oliver Cromwell (lute and bass viol)
Faction that ever dwells (D - D)
Fine knacks for ladies (E - F)
Flow my tears (D - E)
Humour say what mak'st thou here (Duet: G - E and G - E)
If floods of tears (E - E)
I saw my lady weep (E - E)
Mourn day is with darkness fled (D - D)
Now cease my wand'ring eyes (F - F)
O sweet woods (F - G)
Praise blindness, eyes (D - D)
Shall I sue? (G - G)
Shepherd in a shade (D - D)
Sorrow stay (D - D)
Then sit thee down and say (D - D)
Time's eldest son, old age (D - D)
Toss not my soul (F sharp - F)
When others sing Venite (D - E)
White as lilies was her face (G - F)
Woeful heart (F - F)