TÜRK, Daniel Gottlob (1750-1813)

Sixty pieces for aspiring players. Book II.

Edición a cargo de Howard Ferguson. Editado por ABRSM en la serie Easier Piano Pieces. No.71

TURK, Daniel Gottlob (1750-1813)


A cradlesong by moonlight: No. 33
A good start is half the battle: No. 60
A little ballet: No. 11
A musical impromptu: No. 44
A pendant to the knight in the darkening wood: No. 22
A solemn ceremony: No. 56
An accomplished singer: No. 58
An old song: No. 20
As swift as a deer: No. 49
At a solemn feast: No. 52
Be thou my comfort, silent solitude: No. 29
Changing fingers: No. 51
Children’s ballet: No. 26
Comfort beside a friend’s grave: No. 43
Country-dance: No. 53
Dedicated most humbly to the right-hand little finger: No. 46
Dignity and elegance: No. 38
Double appoggiaturas: No. 16
Fingers under and over: No. 5
First exercise in thirds and sixths: No. 31
For little people in Lilliput: No. 36
For the left hand: No. 57
Graceful and stately: No. 48
Hark to the strumming of a poor bungler!: No. 30
His playing was gentle and expressive: No. 54
Hushaby, my baby: No. 4
In octaves: No. 13
Inverted mordents: No. 7
Moderate high spirits: No. 23
Mordents: No. 15
No great art is here: No. 10
Noble simplicity: No. 39
One day, when I am dead: No. 35
One to start: No. 1
Only fools have idle fancies: No. 25
Passing-bell and funeral hymn: No. 45
Peasant’s march: No. 47
Phrase-endings: No. 8
Quaver rests: No. 3
Rests, rests? Nothing but rests?: No. 2
Short appoggiaturas: No. 9
Solemn and serious: No. 41
Sweet was the melody: No. 37
Syncopated notes: No. 24
The echo in an ancient castle: No. 21
The perverse one: No. 55
The queen of dances: No. 27
The singer with a harp: No. 14
The two invalids: No. 6
The young people dance: No. 32
There it goes at full gallop: No. 19
This makes me want to dance: No. 59
Those wretched octaves!: No. 42
Ties: No. 12
Time vanishes in joking and flirting: No. 28
Triplets, quintuplets, sextuplets and septuplets: No. 50
Turns: No. 18
We merrily mingle the dancing lines: No. 40
Wisdom teaches happiness: No. 34
Youthful high spirits: No. 17