TARLING, Judy. Baroque string playing for ingenious learners

Baroque string playing for ingenious learners.

Revised edition 2013. Libro+CD "The Parley of Instruments". Idioma: inglés. Encuadernación rústica.


I.- The retorical style: Baroque retoric; Articulation; Dynamics; Tempo; Ornamentation.

II.-Techniques: Holding the instrument; Fingering choice and position changing; Holding the bow; The rule of down-bow; The dance; The slow bow; Quick notes; The slur; Chords and double stopping.

III.- National style: Identifying national style; French style: inequality; Italian style: alignment of mixed note values; Dotted notes; The 17th-century Italian sonata; The consort style.

IV.- Tuning and pitch: Tuning and pitch; Scordatura.

V.- The Bass department: Playing from a figured bass part; Choice of continuo instrument(s); Performing recitative; The viola.

VI.- Equipment: The instrument and bow; Playing from facsimile editions; Reading the treatises.



Appendix A: CD commentary.

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