The Cambridge companion to the violin.
Artículos desarrollados por John Dilworth, Bernard Richardson, Simon McVeigh, Robin Stowell, Eric Wen, Adrian Eales, Paul Zukofsky, Peter Allsop, Peter Cooke, Max Harrison. Cambridge, 1992, 2004. Encuadernación en rústica.


1. The violin and bow - origins and development John Dilworth; 2. The physics of the violin Bernard Richardson; 3. The violinists of the baroque and classical periods Simon McVeigh; 4. The nineteenth century bravura tradition Robin Stowell; 5. The twentieth century Eric Wen; 6. The fundamentals of violin playing and teaching Adrian Eales; 7. Technique and performing practice Robin Stowell; 8. Aspects of contemporary technique (with comments about Cage, Feldman, Scelsi and Babbitt) Paul Zukofsky; 9. The concerto Robin Stowell; 10. The sonata Robin Stowell; 11. Other solo repertory; 12. The violin as ensemble instrument Peter Allsop; 13. The pedagogical literature Robin Stowell; 14. The violin - instrument of four continents Peter Cooke; 15. The violin in jazz Max Harrison; Appendix: Principal violin treatises.