Arcangelo Corelli e altri autori. Sonate a violino solo col Basso continuo.

Amsterdam, 1697

CORELLI, Arcangelo (1653 - 1713)

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Sonata 1, in D, attributed to Corelli, appendix 37
Sonata 2, in B, Marco Uccellini, Sonata secunda from "Ozio Regio", op.7 Venezia 1660
Sonata 3, in g, unknown composer
Sonata 4, in D, attributed to Corelli, appendix 34
Sonata 5, in a, attributed to Corelli, appendix 35
Sonata 6, in D, attributed to Corelli, appendix 36
Sonata 7, in G, unknown composer
Sonata 8, in A, unknown composer
Sonata 9, in F, unknown composer
Sonata 10, in E, Concordance in Washinton Corelli, in London Finger, appendix 110

Edición a cargo de Hans Bergmann

A volume with ten violin sonatas was published in score in 1697 by Estienne Roger in Amsterdam and by Estienne Tabuteau in Utrecht (see RISM A/I C 3855). The individual sonatas do not display the names of the composers, but some can be determined from concordances. These are to be found in the supplement volume of the Historisch-kritischen Gesamtausgabe der Werke Arcangelo Corellis, the catalogue raisonné.

Sonata 1, 4, 5, 6 and 10 are attributed to Arcangelo Corelli. Sonata 2 is by Marco Uccellini. The authorship of the other four sonatas remains uncertain. In addition to this there is a stylistic inconsistency, so that the clause e ALTRI AUTORY appears quite valid – we do not want to consider the uncertain compositions as early works by Corelli. It should be noted that these uncertain compositions correspond less to the classical-balanced compositional style of Corelli than to that of the mid-seventeenth century.

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