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  • Abel (atrib). Zwei Trios für Violino, Viola da Gamba und Violoncello/Basso
    ABEL, Carl Friedrich (1723-1787) attibuted
    These two similar trios for violin, viola da gamba, and violoncello are found in the Ledenburg Collection as anonymous works. On the basis of stylistic characteristics, we were able to attribute them to Carl Friedrich Abel. These charming works enrich the early Classical repertoire for trios with violin and viola da gamba. They were hither to unknown and appear in print for the...
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  • Abel (attributed). Concerto Violo de Gambo A-Dur
    ABEL, Carl Friedrich (1723-1787) attibuted
    The Viola da gamba Concerto in A Major from the Ledenburg Collection is unfortunately preserved anonymously and also incomplete. On the basis of stylistic comparisons, however, we surmise that the composer was Carl Friedrich Abel. Moreover, it was possible to reconstruct the missing parts for our edition, so that now a fully playable, complete concerto is available. It is a typ...
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