títulos del autor: anonym ca 1750

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  • Pla/Anonym. Zwei Sonaten für Viola da gamba und Basso
    PLA, Juan Bautista (ca 1720 - after 1773) / Anonymous (ca. 1750)
    These two solo sonatas for viola da gamba are a part of the LedenburgCollection. They are contemporary transcriptions of flute sonatas thatsound very good on the viol. The composer of the first sonata, theSpaniard Juan Bautista Pla, was a celebrated oboe virtuoso throughoutEurope in the eighteenth century. The sonatas were hitherto unknownand appear in print for the first time ...
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  • Ruge/Anonym. Zwei Sonaten für Viola da Gamba und Basso
    RUGE, Filippo (ca. 1725 - d.1769) / Anonym (ca. 1750)
    These two solo sonatas for viola da gamba and basso are part of the Ledenburg Collection. The G-Major Sonata is a contemporary transcription of a flute sonata by Filippo Ruge, the original of which we have not yet been able to identify. Ruge came from Rome and later lived as a respected composer and flutist in Paris. The very attractive sonata in G-Minor, on the other hand, is ...
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