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  • Instruction oder eine anweisung auff der Violadigamba
    Anonymous Germany (first half of the 18th century)
    The treatise Instruction or a Method for the Viola da Gamba is unique in the history of the viola da gamba. No other German text from the Renaissance or Baroque periods which deals exclusively with this instrument and provides technical instruction on fingering and bowing has survived or is even known by name. However, the Instruction will not only interest gamba players: indep...
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  • Musicks Hand-maid. [Part II]
    John Blow / Moses Snow / R. Motley / Henry Purcell / William Turner / anonymous
    London : Henry Playford, 1689. ...
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  • Pla/Anonym. Zwei Sonaten für Viola da gamba und Basso
    PLA, Juan Bautista (ca 1720 - after 1773) / Anonymous (ca. 1750)
    These two solo sonatas for viola da gamba are a part of the LedenburgCollection. They are contemporary transcriptions of flute sonatas thatsound very good on the viol. The composer of the first sonata, theSpaniard Juan Bautista Pla, was a celebrated oboe virtuoso throughoutEurope in the eighteenth century. The sonatas were hitherto unknownand appear in print for the first time ...
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  • Regole generali per l'accompagno del cembalo
    Anonymous (early XIX c.)
    Manuscript treatise, held in the "Archivio storico musicale del comune di Bevagna". It contains the principles of the musical theory and a detailed explanation about basso continuo realization in the early XIX century.Edited by Filippo Salemmi. ...

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