títulos del autor: pfeiffer johann 1697 1761

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  • Pfeiffer. Concerto Viola da Gamba, Violino 1, 2, Basso continuo
    PFEIFFER, Johann (1697-1761)
    The concerto for viola da gamba of the Bayreuth Kapellmeister haslong been known to players, and several copies have been circulating,but this is the first printed edition. There was much contact betweenBerlin and Bayreuth, and it is therefore not surprising that this workshows the influence of the Berlin School in its compositionaltechnique. The concerto of four movements is b...
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  • Pfeiffer. Sonate D-Dur für Viola da Gamba und obligates Cembalo
    PFEIFFER, Johann (1697-1761)
    The charm of this sonata lies in the close correspondence of the musical ideas between the two instruments, ideas which, when taken alone, seem rather simple. However, as a whole they produce adiverting, interesting and (in the slow movements) expressive piece, unique to the gamba repertoire. ...
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