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  • Mr Falle´s Solos für Viola da Gamba. Heft 1
    SIMPSON, Christopher / DUFAUT, François / SAINTE-COLOMBE le fils / MARAIS, Marin / FINGER, Gottfried / DUBUISSON / STEFFKIN, Frederick
    Philip Falle assembled extensive collections of music scores in England from about 1700 to 1730, which are today kept in the Durham Cathedral Library. In this way he made an extraordinarily valuable contribution to the tradition of instrumental music of his time. In this edition we have compiled pieces for viola da gamba solo, which are available in Durham in Falle's manuscript...
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  • Saint-Colombe (le fils). Tombeau for Le Sieur de Sainte-COlombe (le père) fo bass viol and keyboard
    Sainte-Colombe (le fils)
    Edición a cargo de Margaret Sampson. ...
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  • Sainte-Colombe le fils. Viola da gamba solo
    SAINTE-COLOMBE le fils
    This is a new edition of all known works of Sainte-Colombe le fils [the son]. Little is yet known about the person behind the mysterious name, not even the first name. But the five suites and especially the Tombeau for the composer's famous father, which survive in Durham Cathedral Library, are among the most important compositions for viola da gamba solo of the early 18th cent...

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