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  • Bach, C. P. E. Solfeggio (Solfeggietto) c-moll Wq 117/2
    BACH, Carl Philipp Emanuel (1714-1788)
    C.P.E. Bach’s Solfeggio (also commonly known as Solfeggietto) provides a thrilling sprint for the fingers around the keyboard in 60 seconds of pure musical energy. The title, referring to the solfège exercises commonly given to singers, indicates a piece that is designed to develop technique. But the panache with which Bach flies through the scales and arpeggios of this piece m...
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  • Das kleine Klavierbuch Band I / The little piano book Vol. 1
    Masters before J. S. Bach ...
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  • Dolmetsch. The Viola da gamba, its origin and history
    DOLMETSCH, Nathalie

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  • The Sephardic Songbook
    HOROWITZ, Joshua / SALTIEL, Aron
    With its musical transcriptions, trilingual song texts and explanations, the Sephardic Songbook offers interested singers and ethnomusicologists a representative body of melodies from the Judeo-Spanish tradition nurtured in the former territories of the Ottoman Empire. ...
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