Dirksen. The keyboard music of Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck.

Its style, significance and influence


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1. The Sources
1.1 The Transmittance of Sweelinck's Keyboard Music
1.2 The Sources (Sammelhandschriften - Gebrauchshandschriften - Retrospective Sources)

2. Toccatas
2.1 Background (The Venetian Toccata - The Concept)
2.2 Toccatas with a Central Imitative Section
2.3 Toccatas without a Central Imitative Section (Toccatas in g - Toccatas in G - Toccatas in C - Three-Part Toccatas)
2.4 Historical Perspectives (The Toccata in the Netherlands - The Toccatas of Sweelinck's German Pupils)

3. Variations
3.1 Background
3.2 Sacred Cycles (Variations on Chant Melodies - Variations on Melodies from the Genevan Psalter - Variations on Lutheran Chorales)
3.3 Secular Cycles (Sweelinck and Scheidt (i): Combined Cycles - Sweelinck and Scheidt (ii): Problems of Authenticity - Two Further Problems of Authenticity - Variations on `Almande' Melodies - Variations on `Aria' Melodies - Two Arrangements of English Pavans)
3.4 Historical Perspectives (The Variation in the Netherlands - Aspects of the Variation in the Work of Sweelinck's German Pupils)

4. Fantasias
4.1 Background (Form, Technique and Idea - Sweelinck's Concept of `Fantasia')
4.2 Monothematic Fantasias (Ostinato Fantasias - Chromatic Fantasias - Hexachord Fantasias - Fantasia d2 and Ricercare a1 - Questions of Authenticity: the Turin Works
4.3 `Echo' Fantasias (Fantasias in d - Fantasias in C and a)
4.4 Historical Perspectives (Compatriates and Contemporaries - The Fantasia and Sweelinck's German Pupils)

5. Chronological Aspects
5.1 Introduction
5.2 The Primary Evidence
5.3 Points of Style
5.4 The Melodies of the Variations
5.5 The Mirror of Sweelinck's German Pupils
5.6 Modality and Other Compositional Details
5.7 Once More: The Sources
5.8 Some Tentative Conclusions

6. Idiomatic Aspects
6.1 Sweelinck's Keyboard Polyphony (General Aspects - Vocal Polyphony versus Keyboard Polyphony – Figuration – Genre – Variation in the Number of Voices – Style and Notation)
6.2 Instrumental Designation (The Compass of Sweelinck's Organs - Organ versus Harpsichord in Relation to Compass – The Occurrence of the D-Sharp – A Tentative Division)
6.3 Sweelinck and the `Monodic' Organ Style (The Extent of the `Monodic' Element in the Organ Music – The Relationship with the Southern Netherlands)
6.4 Conclusion: The Question of Sweelinck's Influence

1. Sweelinck's Organs and Registration Practice
2. Catalogue of Works
3. The Sources: Overview and Inventories
4. A Checklist of the Keyboard Music of Peter Philips

Index of Sweelinck's Works
General Index

Idioma: Inglés.

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