Dowland, R. Musicall Banquet


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Robert Dowland. A Musicall Banquet.
Syr Robert Sidney his galliard / John Douland --
My heavy sprit opprest with sorrows might / Anthony Holborne --
Change thy minde since she doth change / Richard Martin --
O eyes leave off your weeping / Robert Hales --
Goe my flocke, get you hence / D'incerto --O deere life when shall it be / D'incerto --
To plead my faith where faith hath no reward / Daniell Batchelar --
In a Grove most rich of shade / Tesseir [sic] --
Farre from triumphing court / John Douland --
Lady if you so spight mee / John Douland --
In darknesse let me dwell / John Douland --
French aires. Si le parler & le silence ; Ce penser qui sans fin tirannise ma vie ; Vous que le bon heur r'appelle --
Spanish. Passana amor fuarco dessarmade ; Sta notte mien yana ; Vestros oios tienend'amor --
Italian. Se di farmi morire / Dom. Maria Megli --
Douro` dunque morire? / Giu. Caccini
Amarilli mia bella / Giu. Caccini
O bella pipiu / ?

Principally songs, for voice, lute (in tablature), and bass instrument; some of the bass parts also have words.
London, 1610.

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