Buxtehude. VII. Suonate à doi, Violino & Violadagamba, con Cembalo, Op.1

BUXTEHUDE, Dieterich (~1637-1707)

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D. Buxtehude, VII. Suonate à doi, BuxWV 252-258, op.1 complete:

BuxWV 252, Sonata in F major op.1/1
BuxWV 253, Sonata in G major op.1/2
BuxWV 254, Sonata in A minor op.1/3
BuxWV 255, Sonata in B-flat major op.1/4
BuxWV 256, Sonata C major op.1/5
BuxWV 257, Sonata D minor op.1/6
BuxWV 258, Sonata E minor op.1/7

score, 3 parts, 2nd score with realization

Editor: Günter and Leonore von Zadow.
Introduction: Thomas Fritzsch
Continuo realization: Angela Koppenwallner.

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