Bach, J. Ch. Sechs Quartette op.8 für Carl Friedrich Abel

Bach, J. Ch. Sechs Quartette op.8 für Carl Friedrich Abel

WarB B 51-56 (Ob/Fl/V+V+VdG/Va+Bc)

BACH, Johann Christian (1735-1782)

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Cámara c/viola de gamba
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Bach, J.C., Six Quartettos for Carl Friedrich Abel Op. 8, WarB B 51-56

This music enjoyed great popularity in the late eighteenth century not only in London, as one can deduce from the fact that five editions were published in 1772 alone (in Paris, The Hague, Amsterdam, Mannheim, and London). All the quartets are in two movements. The first is usually a fast movement in sonata form that is followed by a dance movement, a variation movement, or a rondo. While well worked-out motifs, which are frequently repeated, alternate with imitative entries in the three upper parts, the bass supports the flow of the colorful and cheerful music that is reminiscent of Haydn and Mozart.

Editor: Thomas Fritzsch and Günter von Zadow.
Source: D-LEb Kulukundis an print Den Haag ca 1772.

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